Smithfield Plantation

 Annual Report 2008


Smithfield Plantation Trustee:


Diane Clay, Chairman
David Larrabee, Vice Chairman
Betty Jo Wade, Secretary
Terry Tracy, Treasurer


Carol Smith
Carol Pelletier
School Liaison

The Smithfield Plantation Trustees have been active during the 2008-09 year. We applied for and received a matching grant from the Maine Forest Service for a forestry plan on the Smithfield Plantation property. The plan was completed by Harold Bernett, a green certified forester, and the committee has been considering what parts of the plan to implement in order to have a section of managed forest for students to study.

The trustees also received a grant from The Safari Club in the form of a "Safari in a Box". This kit has a value of over $700 and is available for teachers, scout leaders, and other outdoor educators to use with students.

Trail work has been on-going keeping the trail open for everyone who enjoys walking in the outdoors. Thanks go to Tim Tracy for his work clearing fallen trees and maintaining bridges.

We are proud of our new trail facility and the re-done benches at the amphitheater area. In addition, the boy scouts have added picnic tables, and Wayne Hill has provided bird houses and a new vernal pool bench.

In the spring of 2009 we again held a vernal pool walk for third graders and in May a Forestry Day also for third grade students in Litchfield.

Our next projects involve: 1. Creating our own access to the Amphitheater area for maintenance vehicles and handicapped access. 2. Providing some outdoor activities open to the public such as map and compass, GPS, animal tracking, outdoor safety, etc. We welcome anyone who is interested to join us at our meeting and/or to contact us with ideas.



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