Transfer Station

“Working for an efficient, low cost, effective Transfer Station and a Greener Litchfield

Transfer Station Hours: 8 – 4 Saturdays and Sundays

We are located at 2274 Hallowell Rd, across from the Sportsman’s Club. Our phone number is 268-9164


Do the
Recycle 2-step

SEE Attendant before recycling:

Clean Waste Oil
Contaminated Waste Oil
Universal Wastes – Computers, Electronics Equip, Generators,
TV’s, VCR, Stereos, Telephones, Copiers, Faxes
Fluorescent Lamps – U-Lamps, Circles, Compacts (CF), HID Lamps, Sodium & Mercury Vapor
Batteries – NiCd, Lead Acid, Alkaline, Magnesium, Lithium, Silver Oxide
Mercury – Thermometers, Thermostats, Manometers, Mercury Relays
Land-fill Items – (aka: Bulky Goods) Furniture, Mattresses, Large Plastic Items
Scrap Metal & White goods
Brush – and non-construction wood
For a fee – Tires & Refrigerated / A.C. Units
Call For Information About Disposing Of
Items Not Accepted:

Household Rubbish, Construction/Demolition Debris, Yard Waste, Junk Vehicles, Hazardous Materials
PHONE : 268-9164

Recycling creates new products and new jobs, building a stronger
economy and a cleaner environment.


Treasures you can’t quite throw away, especially furniture. Our Swap shop could be the place. See attendant.


State Law requires the registered and controlled collection and removal of universal wastes. Litchfield participates in this ongoing project.

What items are Universal Waste?

CRT – Cathode Ray Tubes (computers, electronic equipment, monitors, mainframes, generators, TV’s, VCR’s, stereos, telephones, copiers, faxes, and all medical or lab equipment)

Fluorescent Lamps (coated, uncoated, U-lamps, circles, compacts, HID, sodium, mercury vapor)

Batteries (NiCd, lead alkaline, magnesium, lithium, silver oxide)

PCB Ballasts (less than 499 ppm)

MCMA – Mercury Contaminated Manufactured Articles (mercury relays, thermometers, thermostats, manometers)


Litchfield has a Solid Waste – Recycling Ordinance that will be enforced.

Please don’t litter!