Marriage Certificate

Request a Record

Maine law limits access to certified vital records to individuals named on the record, their spouse, registered domestic partner, descendants, parents or guardians, or their designated attorney, federal/state/local government, or genealogist or agent. You must show proof of a direct and legitimate interest in order to obtain this record.  Click here for a list of who can obtain a record. You may purchase a certified copy of a marriage certificate that was filed in Litchfield either online, in person or through the mail from the town office.

In Person
Marriage certificates may be purchased in person at the town office during normal business hours. No appointment is needed. Please bring your ID along with proof of relationship (as needed).

To order a certified copy of this record through the mail, please click To order a certified copy of this record through the mail, please click here to print a request form, or write us a letter including the following information:

  1. Full name(s) on the record
  2. Date of marriage
  3. Photocopy of proof of identity (include a copy of proof of relationship, as needed)
  4. Your name, mailing address and telephone number
  5. Number of copies ordering
  6. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope

You may order and purchase a certified copy of a marriage certificate online. Record requests will be fulfilled within two business days and mailed to the address provided. You must possess a valid U.S. Driver’s License to order through this service. Click here to order your marriage certificate online. Online orders are subject to processing fees in addition to the standard fees listed below.

The cost is $15 for the first certified copy and $6 for each additional certified copy of the same record, ordered at the same time. Make checks payable to the Town of Litchfield. Please do not send cash in the mail. The town office accepts debit and credit card payments subject to fees. Online orders are subject to additional processing fees.

Note: Marriage certificates cannot be faxed or e-mailed.