Broadband Committee

The Litchfield Broadband Committee is an ad hoc committee charged with investigating the current state of broadband internet access in the Town of Litchfield and suggesting improvements.

Committee members:



Litchfield Broadband Redzone Presentation – Litchfield Broadband Update – Workshop Oct 19 2021

Litchfield Broadband Survey – Results

Litchfield Broadband Status

Litchfield Broadband Planning Report
Google Earth File – Download Litchfield_RFP.kmz from Google Drive


Link from 2020 – July 14th Please Vote Yes on Question 1 (Letter-to-the-editor) or PDF: Please Vote Yes Question 1

1st Interim Report – 12/09/2019

Broadband Committee Nov_Dec 2019 Sodalite Article

Broadband Committee Jan 2020 Sodalite Article

Broadband Committee Feb 2020 Sodalite Article

Broadband Committee Mar 2020 Sodalite Article

KVCOG Regional Broadband Meeting Feb_10_2020

Litchfield_ConnectME_Planning_Grant 05_06_2020

Media Articles Supporting Improved Broadband Coverage:

Link: Kennebec Journal Op-Ed March 19th, 2020 Support Community Broadband  or PDF: OpEd -Support Community Broadband

Link: or PDF: Our View: Broadband is a lifesaver in COVID crisis

Link: For thousands of students without home internet access, remote learning is an extra challenge or PDF: thousands of students without home internet access remote learning is an extra challenge

Link: PDF: Telehealth takes off in Maine as virtual medical appointments gain ground _

Link: PDF: US Digital Divide’is going to kill people’ The Guardian

Link: Maine Town & City Roque Bluff’s Broadband Effort  PDF:How Roque Bluffs won a broadband grant

Link: Maine Town & City Breman Broadband Grant PDF: How Bremen worked with provider to seek broadband funds

Link: CityLab – Internet the new normal for seniors in lockdown  PDF: In Lockdown, Seniors Are Becoming More Tech Savvy – CityLab


Have you provided your input?  Here is a simple survey you can email to us or drop off at the Town Office.
Litchfield Broadband Survey

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