Road Committee

The Litchfield Road Advisory Committee was established in November, 2013.

Members are:

  • Toby Jutras, Chair
  • Tamas Szepsy
  • Lindsey Nelson
  • Richard Lane

Election 2021 Referendum Info:
2021-05-30 Road Advisory Committee Referendum Update

Information from the Road Committee:
The cost for keeping our roads in good shape is quite high and here are two actions taxpayers can do to help.  The most important concept for good roads is to Get Water Away From The Road.  The way to do that involves grading the shoulder to slope down from the edge of the road to a deep ditch where then the water can move downhill and eventually to the local brooks and streams.  Those ditches often pass under homeowners’ driveways through a culvert.  On a regular basis please clean out the culvert under your driveway if you have one and keep the ditch between your land and the road cleaned out as best you can.  Perhaps watch the movement of water in a big storm and see where you might facilitate the water flow.