Tax Documents

This page contains links to Litchfield’s 2021 tax maps and 2021 tax commitments. Tax maps are identified by a number preceded by a letter (R or U). To locate the map that corresponds to the property you are researching, use the index provided below, or locate the map/lot number on the property’s tax bill. The first three digits identify the map, the second three are the lot within that map. The tax maps are generally correct, but to accurately determine a property line a survey should be done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Regarding Tax Commitment books, the property values for each account are, per State law, assessed and fixed as of the April 1st immediately preceding the start of the fiscal year (ex. April 1, 2017 for FY18, which runs July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018). Therefore, the valuations and owner information included in these documents do not reflect changes that occurred after April 1.

Tax Documents

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Tax Maps

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2017 May 08 SB Agenda



2017 RE Prop Card U01

2017 RE Prop Card U02-1_U02-43



2017 RE Tax by Map & Lot

2017 RE Tax by Address

2017 RE Tax by Name