What is FOAA?
— Maine’s Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) is a state statute that provides a process people can use to access public records.

How can I use the FOAA to access Litchfield town records?
a) Fill out a FOAA Request Form (also available at the town office) and return it to the Litchfield FOAA agent at the town office. This method is preferred for documentation and tracking.
b) E-mail (submit your request to
c) Verbal request.

When can I expect a reply and the fulfillment of my FOAA request?
— The FOAA agent has 5 days to acknowledge receipt of the FOAA request and provide a “reasonable” estimate of the time expected to fill the request.

What is the cost of a FOAA request?
— The total cost to the requester is “copies + labor.”
** Copies: 10 cents per page of documents provided to the requester.
** Labor: First hour is free; $15 per hour after the first hour

Where can I get a FOAA request form?
— Forms are available at the town office.

Where can I find out what the state says about FOAA?
— Maine State FOAA Frequently Asked Questions