Elections and Annual Town Meeting


Election Results (June 13th, 2017):

  • Selectman: Gary Parker (replaces George Thomson)
  • RSU#4 School Board: Jessica Childs
  • Budget Committee: David Blocher; Tom Wood (replaces Don Jenkins)
  • Litchfield Academy: Elton Wade; Esther Slattery
  • RSU#4 Budget: Passed (Passed in all three towns)
  • State referendum on investment bond: Failed locally (passed statewide)
  • Municipal Election Tally Sheet: Municipal_Election_Tally_6-13-2017

Upcoming Elections/Election Events (2017):

  • None at this time.


Annual Town Meeting and Warrant:

The 2017 Annual Town Meeting was held Saturday, June 17, 2017, at 10 a.m. at the Sportsmen’s Club.  Approximately 80 people attended.  All articles passed.  Article 11 for General Government was increased by $1000 to cover pest control.  Article 18 for office Equipment/Service was increased by $2000 to allow for the possibility of web redesign.  Article 32 for Web Tech was reduced to zero as it was deemed already appropriated in Article 18.  Article 48 was amended to read “…2017-18.” Article 51 was amended to read “…fiscal year 2017-2018.”  All proposed ordinance changes passed.

2017 Town Meeting Video

2017-18 Litchfield Town Warrant

Proposed ordinance changes (MS Word format, changes marked in red):

LUO2013 06-15-13 – SO1 2017-05-17 Final Draft

Subdivision Ordinance 2017b 2017-05-11 Final Draft


Special Town Meetings and Warrants:

2017–Mar. 7, 2017 Special Town Meeting , Selectman Election:

2017 0307 Special Town Meeting Warrant (Selectman Election)

2017--Feb. 1, 2017 Special Town Meeting on Marijuana Moratorium:

2017 0201 Special Town Meeting Warrant (Marijuana Moratorium)



2015–The 2015 annual town meeting was held Saturday, June 13, 2015, at 10 a.m. at the Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club.  Approximately 100 people attended.  All articles passed.  Article No. 36 for New Mills and Woodbury Pond Dams was increased to $9,100 from $7,100.  Article No. 28 for capital road improvements was decreased to $410,000 from $610,000.

2015-16 Litchfield Town Warrant

2014–The 2014 annual town meeting was held Saturday, June 14, 2014, at 10 a.m. at the Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club.  Approximately 50 people attended.  All articles passed.  Article 26 was amended to include an additional amount of $25,000 for a total article amount of $318,700.

2014-15 Litchfield Town Warrant