Elections and Annual Town Meeting

2019 Upcoming Elections/Election Events

Municipal Elections: Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 8 am – 8 pm at the Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club
Annual Town Meeting: Saturday, June 15th, 2019 10 am at the Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club

Town Warrant 2019-20


Warden’s Municipal Tally Sheet Final Totals
Total # ballots 238
Darlene Beaulieu 73
Rayna Leibowitz* 161
School Board, RSU4
Dori Upham* 182
Academy Trustees
Rayna Leibowitz* 185
Earl Lamoreau* 167
Budget Committee
Contacting Write-ins


2018 Elections/Election Events

Annual Town Meeting

The 2018 Annual Town Meeting  was held on Saturday, June 16th VIDEO (or HD Video P1, P2, P3 of 3).  All articles passed.  Article 25 was approved to authorize $194,000 from the Highway Equipment Reserve Fund to be used to purchase a wheeler truck (plow/sander) for Public Works. Article 28 was increased by $6,032 to allow the transfer station to be open 3 days a week (Fri – Sun) 6 months a year during summer/fall. Article 39 was changed to reduce by $7000 the amount authorized for the first year of property revaluation to match the accepted bid. Article 50 was changed to reflect the finalized cost of the county tax, an increase of $13,695.
Town Warrant 2018

2018 Issue Forum
Video -Primary Camera: P1 P2 & P3 of 3  Backup Camera: P1 of 1
Topic Index:
Primary Cam – School Budget P1 0:01 & P2: Roads – P2 11:00; Gustin Road P2 45:00 : Candiates – P2 50:00 &  P3
Backup Cam – School Budget 0:01; Roads 1:10:00; Gustin Road 1:45:00 Candidates 1:52:00

Election Results from Tuesday, June 12th
Ballotpedia reference link
Warden’s Municipal Tally Sheet Final Totals
Total # ballots 814
Renee C. Lachapelle 252
Mark T. Russell* 371
Richard E. Swett 124
Budget Committee
Rodney R. Allen* 444
Elton L. Wade* 508
David Larry 1
Mel Neuindyke 1
Harold Nelson 1
Travis Wheeler 1
RSU #4 School Board
Richard E. Swett 267
Joan M. Thomas* 452
Gary Parker 1
Dave Larry 1
Academy Trustee
Richard E. Swett 257
Joan M. Thomas* 463


Primary Referendum (Ranked Choice Voting)
Statewide: YES – 54%  NO – 46%
Litchfield: YES – 377  NO – 432

RSU#4 School Budget – PASSED
Litchfield: YES – 419  NO – 378
Sabattus: YES – 523   NO – 186
Wales: YES – 216  NO – 76

CentralMaine.com 2018 June Election Results


School Budget Voting Recommendations:

Board of Selectmen: No  – BOS Budget Resolution – 2018
Budget Committee: Yes – 2018-04-23 Ltr to RSU4 Board *

*Note: The Board of Selectmen and Budget committee agree that concerns about school funding and the local formula should be addressed by the school board. Following submission of the Budget Committee letter, more information was provided from the RSU #4 Superintendent and Financial Officer, and the Budget Committee voted to support the proposed budget that includes a Student Resource Officer, as that budget is less than a 2% overall increase from the previous year.


2017 Annual Town Meeting and Warrant:

The 2017 Annual Town Meeting was held Saturday, June 17, 2017, at 10 a.m. at the Sportsmen’s Club.  Approximately 80 people attended.  All articles passed.  Article 11 for General Government was increased by $1000 to cover pest control.  Article 18 for office Equipment/Service was increased by $2000 to allow for the possibility of web redesign.  Article 32 for Web Tech was reduced to zero as it was deemed already appropriated in Article 18.  Article 48 was amended to read “…2017-18.” Article 51 was amended to read “…fiscal year 2017-2018.”  All proposed ordinance changes passed.

2017 Town Meeting Video

2017-18 Litchfield Town Warrant

Proposed ordinance changes (MS Word format, changes marked in red):

LUO2013 06-15-13 – SO1 2017-05-17 Final Draft

Subdivision Ordinance 2017b 2017-05-11 Final Draft


Special Town Meetings and Warrants:

2017–Mar. 7, 2017 Special Town Meeting , Selectman Election:

2017 0307 Special Town Meeting Warrant (Selectman Election)

2017--Feb. 1, 2017 Special Town Meeting on Marijuana Moratorium:

2017 0201 Special Town Meeting Warrant (Marijuana Moratorium)


2015–The 2015 annual town meeting was held Saturday, June 13, 2015, at 10 a.m. at the Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club.  Approximately 100 people attended.  All articles passed.  Article No. 36 for New Mills and Woodbury Pond Dams was increased to $9,100 from $7,100.  Article No. 28 for capital road improvements was decreased to $410,000 from $610,000.

2015-16 Litchfield Town Warrant

2014–The 2014 annual town meeting was held Saturday, June 14, 2014, at 10 a.m. at the Litchfield Sportsmen’s Club.  Approximately 50 people attended.  All articles passed.  Article 26 was amended to include an additional amount of $25,000 for a total article amount of $318,700.

2014-15 Litchfield Town Warrant